Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift ideas for Hermetic enthusiasts

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The most current translation, by an excellent scholar.

A more affordable translation, aimed at a popular readership, the practitioner.

A surprisingly erudite popular treatment from the former Blondie guitarist.

Essential scholarly treatment of the socioreligious world of the ancient Hermetists.

Pioneering study of translations of Hermes myth into Arabic, with alchemical innovations.

Concise scholarly survey of varieties of Hermeticism by an expert in 18th century varieties.

Earlier scholarly translation with facing page greek or latin text. Older, but reliable.

Origin of 19th century interpretation of "spiritual alchemy" (which led to Jung's)

Foundational 1931 manifesto of anti-modernist Tantric Hermeticism. Alchemy as Yoga of Power.

Introduction to Jung's alchemical writings, with excerpts and explanations.

The best collection of alchemical emblems from the 17th century.

Useful collection of alchemical, astrological, kabbalistic and mystical imagery.

Classic 1964 study that introduced the scholarly world to Renaissance Hermeticism.

Metaphysical and magical texts of Giordano Bruno, the greatest hermetic philosopher.

Pioneering study of Renaissance magic as applied psycho-sociology. Magus as Ad-Man.

Festugiere was one of the first great scholarly authorities on the Hermetica.

Expensive but indispensable scholarly edition of The Book of Thoth. Translation, essays.

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